Advantages of Embossing Leather

Is that a real crocodile skin handbag or could it just be cow leather embossed with corcodile print? Thanks to the technique of embossing, more and more people can afford crocodile leather bags. Crocodile leather bags will no longer be a collection in the lady's cupboard. Many crocodile embossed bags can be bought for tens or hundreds of dollars, and the leather is no worse than luxury brand bags.

Embossed Leather

Even leather specialists can’t always determine what the original hide was before it was embossed, without detailed investigation.

Other advantages of embossing technology

Correcting the scar

During their lifetime animals may be wounded or suffer diseases, all of which leave their mark on their skin. Embossing will cover any scars and provide a uniform grain. This reduces waste and cuts costs. Skins that are unsuitable for processing into full-grain leather can be used as embossed leather. It’s worth noting that only about 10-20% of the hides coming from the slaughterhouse are ‘good’ to ‘very good’ quality. Embossing doesn’t lower the quality, provided that it is not covering serious damage that could affect the life of the finished product.  

Corrected grain leather

In preparation for embossing, the grain side of the leather is first ground to obtain a uniform surface. Then a binder-based paint is applied and a uniform grain imprinted. This leather is known as ‘corrected grain’ or ‘corrected scar’. It is cheaper and has a cold, plastic-like feel. Also the breathability is significantly lower than with porous leathers.