Difference of the Crocodile Embossed Leather Bags and Genuine Crocodile Bags

A crocodile handbag is the ultimate in luxury. The gorgeous soft leather is much in demand by top designers, and genuine, top quality crocodile and alligator skin is very expensive. So it’s not surprising that there are cheaper crocodile embossed leather bags about that try to reproduce the patterns and look of crocodile at a more affordable price.

crocodile embossed leather bags

Telling the difference between a embossed leather and genuine crocodile

The patterns of scales: a embossed leather the design is often too regular and repetitive without the natural variations of genuine crocodile.

The thickness of the leather: a embossed leather will be of a uniform thickness, while genuine crocodile is more likely to vary in the thickness of scales and wrinkles.

The feel of the leather: while some good quality embossed leathers can get close to the softness and pliability of crocodile leather, you can tell cheaper imitations just by touching the leather, which will be harder and less flexible.

Large bags made of crocodile will usually use more than one skin, as the best crocodile comes from younger and smaller animals whose skin is still soft and flexible. So if you have a large tote that seems to have been made from one piece of leather with no stitched joins, it is probably made from embossed leather.

The price: genuine crocodile or alligator is expensive. If you find a crocodile bag that is surprisingly cheap, then it is sure to be either a embossed leather product.